Our vision for Westerham

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Our vision for Westerham is for it to continue to be a prosperous, environmentally sustainable, historic town, offering a very special quality of life, nestled in scenically beautiful, accessible and habitat-rich countryside...

The townspeople – old, young and in between – shop in the town, enjoy its restaurants and pubs and gather regularly in the rejuvenated town centre. All are proud to show Westerham off to the regular tourists to the local heritage attractions, enjoy its water gardens and its many rural walks.

Its thriving service, knowledge-based and artisanal food and drink businesses benefit from a skilled and qualified local workforce and larger customer base, and residents who choose to work further away have the option of attractive bus services to nearby rail stations. 

Townspeople are particularly proud of their local primary school and GP service and each – for their facilities as well as for their services – is rated outstanding by their inspectors. Both, along with the rest of the town, play an active part in the life of Valence School which is also rated outstanding.

The new neighbourhoods are very sought after – fine in grain, each distinctive, well-built, energy efficient and tucked into the landscape, close to the town centre which is reached via easy and safe walking routes, near to bus stops and surrounded by accessible green space. The town has proved resilient to climate change: problematic surface water flooding has ceased; new plant life copes better with rising average temperatures and more frequent and dramatic weather events; there are more bees and more birds, and the soil is richer. 

Young people have more to do outside school hours and are happier and healthier and, above all, the town’s rich and less well off, its old, in between and young, all mix and look out for each other. Crime and anti-social behaviour barely exist.

The town’s historic fabric is saved from the damage of heavy traffic, the air is clean, parking is plentiful and convenient and the streets and public spaces provide a fitting setting for Westerham’s many listed buildings. 

Westerham is quieter, its air is cleaner, the town is greener and it is happier than it has ever been, for everyone. Westerham is fit for an enduringly sustainable future, socially, economically and environmentally.