Development Which Way Westerham
The four new communities proposed would be to the north and east of the town centre. The area for new employment space is to the south of the M25 and east of, and accessible from, the relief road / London Road junction.

While its route would need to be finalised, the relief road would run from the current junction of the A25 and Beggars Lane, to the east and north of the town and close to the M25, rejoining the current A25 at a point to be confirmed, but close to the Surrey border.

The bulk of the new Common Land would be to the east of the town, with a further two areas to the north and west. The Common Land is carefully sited to preclude, in perpetuity, development that might otherwise close the gap that would remain between the new communities and the strategic highway network (Croydon Road in the west, the new relief road in the north, and Beggars Lane in the east).

The further environmental improvements – in addition to the Common Land – are all to the north, east and west of the town. These include the creation of approximately 1.5km (0.9 of a mile) long, up to 10 meter high ‘environmental screen’, an earth form to the south of the M25 to be planted with trees and hedges to join up the woodland and to help reduce the noise and pollution impact of the motorway on the town – benefiting the primary school particularly, but also large parts of the housing areas in the north part of the town.

There would also be an opportunity to use the south-facing flank of the earth form, screened from the town by further trees, to mount PVs for renewable energy generation and battery storage.