Who is Squerryes Estate?

Squerryes Estate
Squerryes Estate has been owned by the Warde family since 1731 and comprises nearly 2,500 acres of land in the Westerham Parish. The estate is promoting the Which Way Westerham proposals.

The estate has traditionally concentrated on farming, and while there are 30 houses and a number of estate buildings, a new house hasn’t been built on estate land for 55 years. As the owner of all the land included in the Which Way Westerham proposals, and unlike a standard large-scale developer, we are able to take a long-term view of the project, rather than aiming for a quick and immediately profitable return on our investment.

That long-term perspective ensures our proposals are financially feasible and deliverable.

We believe we have a responsibility to plan for a future Westerham where our young people can afford to stay and buy a home, work, and raise their own families in a vibrant and growing community.

There are currently no other solutions to the challenges the town will face regardless of whether Which Way Westerham progresses or not, and only a large development can leverage the funds needed for the infrastructure, community facilities and environmental enhancements essential to meet these challenges.
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